Rental Accommodation (Goa)

Garca Branca Manor
Long Business Description:


“This facility and its services are for a Self Care, Retired Couple or a Pair of Self Care, Retired Persons, who are financially sound, healthy, active and physically mobile to the point of taking good care of and attention to their personal and physical grooming and hygiene, without the help of an attendant/nurse. You are basically renting a fully furnished and spacious apartment without any concern for accompanying housekeeping chores, cooking meals and yet with many opportunities for a hobby or two in a Botanical Garden.  Diaspora-Goans, looking into these type of facilities abroad usually question easy receipt of Pensions and cumbersome Medical costs.  These are not a problem, from my personal experience, now 15 years old and climbing for life – (OCI), the details for which are contained in a package that will be sent to serious inquirers.