About us

About Us

Welcome to the GOAN OVERSEAS ASSOCIATION NonProfit Organization

Established in 1970, The G.O.A. is a non for profit organization that continues to actively maintains its mandate to service the community through charitable, social, cultural, athletic, and educational activities within the community.

The G.O.A. offers many events and actively participate in the diverse and multicultural universe of the Canadian fabric. The G.O.A. vision is to create a sustainable platform that promotes and fosters an INCLUSIVE engaged community by ENRICHING the lives of individuals through arts, culture, sports and heritage; A platform that supports charitable causes, Seniors & Youth through the reduction of social isolation and the introduction of professional development and mentorship programs.

The G.O.A. also comprises of a charity arm known as the Goan Charitable Organization(G.C.O.). For over a decade the G.C.O. has been working in the community through: Personal outreach to isolated individuals such as seniors and families, visiting shelters, the sick and the elderly.

The G.O.A. is a platform that ENHANCES the socio-economic well being of all through its various community activities and charitable causes.

G.O.A. projects a humanistic culture and strong ethics, which is characterized by our involvement in the community and supporting good causes. These values are evident throughout everything we do.

“It is our emotional connection that has created our brand


List of G.O.A. Presidents (1970-2020)

Joe DeSouza, Neves Menezes, Martin A. Rodrigues, Romero Dias, Martin J. Rodrigues, Norbert Lamas, Savio Barros, Alcino Rodrigues, Zulema DeSouza, John Nazareth, John Noronha, Errol Francis, Alpoim Andrade, David Nazareth, Oscar Furtado, Glynis Viegas, Velda Abreu

Selwyn Collaco – current

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