Our mission is to provide :

* Moral support financial assistance and care to the socially disadvantaged;
* to address the concerns & needs towards the welfare of the community in all social service areas, and
* to promote the advancement of education.

For over a decade the Goan Charitable Organization has been working in the community through:

* Personal outreach to isolated individuals and families
* Visiting shelters, the sick and the elderly
* Helping new immigrant families in the Toronto area
* Providing bursaries for those in need.

For those employees in Corporations that have “Employee Voluntees Grant Programs ” and need assistance with the completion of the form, please contact Kevin Pereira, the President.

Person (s) wishing to make a donations or in need of assistance please contact:

Kevin Pereira, President kjpereira@aol.com

Or write to the President (Kevin Pereira)
c/o The Goan Charitable Organization
P.O. Box 5667, Stn A”
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1N8
Note: Tax receipts will be provided for donations over $10.00


The Following programs are supported by the G.CO. and operated by the G.O.A. 

on behalf of the G.C.O

  • Forever Young Program
  • Seniors program to help mitigate social isolation
  •  Assisting New Immigrants
  • Community Service
  • Language Classes